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Meet Our Authors & Artists

Spring 2023


Rachel Kotkin


Rachel Kotkin provided us with this issue's cover/sectional art and stand-up show in the This & That section, featuring her bizarre puppet creations and original wit. Her artistic focus is mixed media collage, comedy, and puppetry, as well as art education.


Please visit her website to learn more about this talented artist:


Rock Swannioff


Rock Swannioff is a long time essayist who has recently become a farmer in Upstate New York. His current work evaluates the futility of holding on to the aesthetics of harmony within the filth of a newly adopted agrarian lifestyle, and thereby puts into perspective post-modernity in the digital era.


Stephen Schulz

Author- Fiction

Stephen Schulz has been selected to contribute a series of short stories with Gekker Quarterly, to be released between Spring 2023 and Spring 2024. His work, Restless Crows, examines the dismantling of the nuclear family in contemporary middle class America. 

Eva Elasigue

Author- Fiction

Eva L. Elasigue writes novels in science fiction fantasy, as well as short stories, stage, articles, food, music, and humor. Her current main work is the space fantasy trilogy Bones of Starlight. She has also hosted her typewriter for first-person accounts, live stage and collaborative poetry, and love letters. As a writer she has toured internationally, and she has also presented as a visual artist in mixed media, a dance performer, and a mermaid. She has worked as a biological scientist, a clerk, and a farmhand, and is a wildcrafter who loves music and the great outdoors.

photo by Susan Waddle.jpg

Jampa Dorje

Essayist, Poet

Jampa Dorje, aka Richard Denner, was a Berkeley street poet in the 1960s.  Living in a wilderness cabin in Alaska, he began printing chapbooks; there are now over 400 titles. Working cowboy on a cattle ranch, tree planter on the slopes of Mount Saint Helens, longtime proprietor of Four Winds Bookstore & Café in Ellensburg, Washington, Jampa completed a traditional solitary, three-year retreat in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition.  This poet-printer-yogi now reads philosophy at CWU.

He is Ellensburg's 2022 Art Treasure.

Screen Shot 2021-02-24 at 9.57_edited.jpg

Marco Undersong


Marco Undersong is a singer-songwriter and musician from Seattle.

He has been a member of the Northwest's goth music scene for nearly 30 years, beginning with his involvement in the band Black Atmosphere in the '90s.

Poetry has always been an integral part to his music composition, which he adopts as song lyrics. Overtime, however, Marco has written a number of poems that are best experienced in a literary context.

Now, for the first time, Marco is sharing this work.

Salsify portrait 2 sm.jpg

Renee Adams


Renee Adams creates mixed-media sculptures that examine the complex relationships humans
have cultivated with the natural world. As an outdoor enthusiast and beanbag botanist, she
finds immediate inspiration in the flora surrounding her home in central Washington State.
Renee is active in the regional arts scene both as a curator and founding member of PUNCH
Projects, a rural arts collective dedicated to the promotion of visual dialogue between urban
and rural art communities.


Cintia Garai


Cintia is a Hungarian scientist and wildlife filmmaker. She completed her Masters of Science in Zoology in 2006 at the University of Veterinary Medicine in Hungary, and gained a PhD degree in Primatology at Kyoto University in Japan. While her fieldwork focuses on the personality traits of wild-living bonobos, she continues to work in the DR Congo as an environmental activist, exploring the possibilities of using film in different ways to promote nature conservation.

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