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Submission Guidelines

We are currently accepting general submissions to The Gekker Collection.

A small reader's fee of $8 helps to support the publication and makes it possible for us to provide detailed feedback on each and every submission. However, this does not ensure we will publish the work you send.

You do not need to subscribe to our journal in order to submit or be published by us. It is free online (though, at times, selections from our digital volumes are sold in print).

Please allow up to eight weeks for a response from Gekker Publishing. If your work is selected, it will be published in the issue closest to the date of acceptance (we publish an average of two volumes per year). 

Submissions are accepted in good faith that they are original works by the author or artist, who is the holder of copyright. We reserve one-time rights. All other rights revert to the author or artist upon publication. 

At this time, we do not offer compensation for publication.

Submissions are limited to two times per calendar year.

Please scroll down and read through our requirements per section.


Once you have read and understood the requirements, please do the following:

    A) Submit all materials via email to Make sure you include your last name and submission type in the subject line.


    B) Send along your $8 submission fee via paypal. If you plan to pay with an account or card that does not have the same name as your submission, please mention the name associated with the transaction in your submission email.


You can do that by clicking here:

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button



Short stories must be at least a few pages, double spaced, 12pt Times New Roman font. Only on rare occasion will we publish works much beyond 7,000 words in length. But it does happen.

If you have a series of short stories you'd like to publish, write a brief proposal along with your submission and we may consider publishing in multiple volumes.

Include a brief bio in the third person (roughly two to five sentences).


In general, we look for poems that are 50 lines or less, 12pt Times New Roman font. But we understand that poetry is a vast territory. If it's good, go ahead and break the mold (within reason, we're not going to publish the new Epic of Gilgamesh).

Include a brief bio in the third person (roughly two to five sentences).


There's no exact length requirement, but we are less inclined to publish long dissertations. Generally, we are looking for essays under 10 pages, double spaced, 12pt Times New Roman font. But we're open. 

Essays can be about anything. However, we shy away from essays that read like a class assignment. The quickest way to our heart is to show us something new.

Include a brief bio in the third person (roughly two to five sentences).


Please send clear images of the visual art you would like published in our collection (with descriptions of each image) and an artist's statement. No more than ten images per submission. If accepted, we may not publish all of the images submitted.

Include a brief bio in the third person (roughly two to five sentences).

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